I'm wondering if I could get some suggestions or insight about a new guitar. I've played many over the years but find the Les Paul body/shape/feel/look to be my most preferred.

I'm looking to try and find something similar to this but of better quality. One guitar I've found that I quite like is the ESP LTD EC-500S. (I have seen the Eclipse-II and EC-1000 series guitars but, picky as I am, I dislike gold in any form.)

Could anyone who has happened to play these guitars give me any comments on the quality of the build/sound? Or perhaps you know of other LP-esque guitars I could have a gander at?

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There's the EC-1000 VHB, it doesn't have any gold or that silly abalone binding. I think it looks tons better than the EC-500S. I played it briefly unplugged, it was very nice.

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Now don't dismiss this seemingly strange suggestion immediately...

In the late 80s, down South, a pub band (If 6 Was 9) I used to watch had just about the best lead guitarist and sound you could hope for. He had a Marshall stack and a gorgeous looking and sounding guitar - he had been playing since very early seventies and had been around a bit. And his guitar of choice was an... Aria. It was/is an LP-style Aria and I have tried to look for once since but havent found one yet. It played and felt gorgeous and sounded a treat.

So there's a suggestion - don't discount that just because its 'lower down the ladder' than an actual LP.
I also like several of the ESP Eclipse models. They seem lighter and more playable than the Les Pauls.
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I have an ec-300 all black and ive gotten say its a really good feeling guitar even for a painted neck. Ive put it through the mill (Ive dropped it a couple of times, and all thats happened is a couple scratches in the paint) It is a really good made guitar it feels like a much more expensive guitar than it is and plays extremely well, I use thick thick gauge strings .13-.64 and for a while tuned them to standard tuning and the neck didnt even bend.
I totally recommend this guitar. The neck is quick but not as quick as a jackson or an ibanez.
Trysome of the Japanese copies. Burny (by Fernandes), Orville (by Gibson), Grassroots (by ESP), Tokai,etc. A number of them. Really good quality stuff too.
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Thanks for some of the suggestions guys.

I just took a look through the Aria site. I really wouldn't have thought of them at all but my gawd, some of them look nice! I'm especially liking this one.

I did think about stepping up to a Gibson but I've always been using Gibson/Epiphone and I'm trying to branch out; see if there's anything better I hadn't considered before.

I have checked out the EC-1000's and they seem great guitars. Like I say though, I'm kinda picky about what some people might consider silly things. I really dislike colourful/flashy finishes; especially sunburst.

Just checking out some of the others suggested.
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Gibson les paul studio?
If you want tone like an SG instead of an actual LP, a horrible neck/body balance and all the playability of a live trout, then yes, the Studio is the way to go.

Getting past that, for LP copies that are worth bothering with, I suggest just trying as many of ESP's copies as you can lay your hands on. They're all pretty good. I hear good things about Tokai too, though I've never had the chance to try one out myself.

Failing that... save up and buy an actual Gibson?