another "band" created by MC Mike Shinoda. one of my personal favorites.
the Rising tied is a very creatine album and all of it's songs are still in my palylist.
Yeah, Fort Minor are pretty good. I'm enjoying The Rising Tied.

Slip Out the Back, Where'd You Go and Right Now are my favourite songs.
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Wow, such an intelligent statement there.

Fort Minor is pretty good. I liked their stuff, but Mike should just stick with Linkin Park. I hope he doesn't make the side project a regular thing.

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His beats are cool but he's such a bad MC that I don't even bother.
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That's the only song I've heard by them. Really like it. Saw it on a Hybrid Movement demo...
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fort minor are awesome i listen to everything but i stayed away from rap but when my mate showed me some of there stuff i really liked it so i bought the album and i love every song on there. i rekon that Shinoda has a really good voice and i love styles of beyond

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