im looking for some new ones to try, along with my SD-1 and Crybaby. I want something that will give me a Rory Gallagher lead tone. I may buy my friends BD-2, but i was also thinking a DS-1 or something for like a base distortion tone, then using the SD-1 as a lead boost. I am not limited to Boss, so any input is apprecieated. I'm also not looking to spend 200 bucks on an overdrive or distortion.

Also im looking for a phaser or a flanger, which of the two could be more versatile?

thanks in advance
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Look at an MXR Phase 90 for a phaser and don't ask any questions.

Alternatively, if you want the best of both worlds (phase and flanging), get an EHX Flanger Hoax.
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Rory Gallagher tone? Plug a strat into a Tweed Twin Reverb or vintage Vox AC 30, crank it all the way up and put on a flannel shirt...

Rory used effects very little, it was usually guitar, amp and the occasional wah wah. The strat was his main guitar, and usually the AC30 or Fender Twin for an amp. He had a bunch of other guitars, and used them in the studio a lot, but the original '59 or early 60's sunburst strat was his main guitar, he bought it at age 15 and never let it go.

By the mid '80's he had started using Marshall half stacks and distortion pedals onstage, but most of the recordings were strat and AC30 orTwin, that's it.
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^^^^ yer but didnt gallagher use a tube screamer quite alot. and he primarily used a vox ac30 for his tone.
I goofed, didn't read on down the rest of the article, Rory actually kept the volume a bit over halfway, not full tilt.

I can't find anything about any effects except a treble booster early on and a wah wah occasionally. He was a purist, usually guitar and amp, that's it. If he used a tube screamer it was only the last 10 years of his life or so, it was first produced in the late 70's or early 80's I think.
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