I am intending to buy a new amp near christmas time. but i am not really sure what amp to buy. I will be playing heavy metal and need an amp which i can use at small venues and for practise rooms. i am looking to spend around 600 to 800 australian $$
A guy at a guitar shop told me about this 50watt valve amp made by Ashton for 600$ but i dont really know if it's good or not. if anyone could recomend me a better amp for the price i would love to know
just because i know nothing on aussie $, i'll just recommend a Peavey ValveKing or something in comparison with some tubes if you be doing any small venues
I think you get Ashtons for good value over in Australia, compared to other amps, so it might be worth looking in to. If I'm not mistaken, that's the Viper series, yes? There was a review of them in an issue of Guitarist a while back, and they were said to be good for the money, so you should probably try it out