in a short time from now im getting my first bass and i was just wondering whether the sr205 was a good starting point. please tell me what you think.
its an alright starter just play it in a shop see if its easy to play, i would say gettin a half nice bass thats playable helps starting, if its not nice to play learning bass can become a task and not fun

If you want to get a feel for a 5 stringer, its not a bad starter bass. Its 4 string sister is a nice option as well.

There are differing opinions around the forums on whether you should start on a 4 or 5 string as your first bass, but I'll leave that to wiser heads than mine.
i ha a go of the four string version of it (the sr200) and it felt pretty good to play and i was asking about the sr205 and the guy said it was pretty much the same but i still want to try the actual sr205 before i make up my mind.

thanks for the comments!
ive had the sr200 since christmas, its been my first bass, and ive found it an excellent starter. Its great to learn on, easy to adjust and it looks lurvelyy
I would personally start with a 4 string, but i don't see anything negative with starting with a 5 stringer.
i give this bass two thumbs up! Ibanez makes some of the best basses in their price range. as far a 4 vs 5 string? i really see no reason not to start on a fiver. although most learning material will be based on a 4 string. i say your good to go.
You kill two birds with one stone. Instead of buying a "crappy" bass for $250 and then buying a 5 string when you're more experienced.. you can just buy the 5 string right now and save the $250.
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i heard anything ibanez under the 400 seriese is ****.... so good for a starter.....but i dont think a 5 is that good an idea (not a monumental difference tho) i think most songs (depending on what you play of coarse) are based on 4 string and the 5th string wouild confuze a beginer for the need of it being there.... a 4 string would be easier to learn and some people jsut dont like 5 strings that much (me:P)

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the 4 string is a great starter bass, haven't tried the 5

but i'm thinking you really wouldn't need a five to start off with, unless you plan on playing a lot of low stuff, or want a good thumb rest
alot of todays music uses a 5 string. i started on a 4, and find the transition rather difficult. i believe if i had started on a five, going to a 4, would be easier. my 2cents.
i started on a five and if you want to go for it. the switch from 5 to 4 takes about a day or so(but i don't see why you would unless you're gonna get into some slap bass) to get used to the string spacing but that's it really. and the 5th string makes a great thumb rest when you're not using it.
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