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OK so waht pick do you use?
and, name a pick that you know a artist uses.

I use Dunlop Gator grip 2mms
And tomo morello of RATM uses dunlop jazz 3 1.14 mms

so wat abt u
tortex 2mm
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Dunlop 0.38, 0.46,0.6
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My fingernails.
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Dunlop gel medium light green

mark hoppus use dunlop tortex 0.60
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a thick black one. No make, nothing special, no famous people use it...................but it gets the job done.
stubbies, or big stubbies...godly
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Dunlop .6 on acoustic and electric rhythm or .46 for electric lead.
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dunlop 1mm
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Dunlop Riffs .73mm

or fingers.
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Dunlop Tortex 1mm
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Star Picks 1.5mm
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I use a variety, since I'm more a bassist and play with my fingers I'm never too fussed about what a plectrum sounds like when I'm having fun. The one I usually use is too faded now for me to remember what type it is, but I only use it because there's no blu tac on the back.
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Brain Picks, the .88m kind. They're so good.
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right now, i'm using a dunlop .96 mm, but i just play with what i have at hand. pens (awesome), some picks i made out of an old insurance card (my 7-year-old brother borrowed them and lost them) and some old worn out ones that i lost just yesterday, i think.
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i use the Bass Guitarist from Cold Chisel's pick... it glows in the dark oooo
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Those planet wave .76mm

People use some really thick picks! My mate uses a really thick one too.
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steve vai signature picks (theyre basically normal ibanez picks with steve vai written on them, not that you can see that anymore...)

...and steve vai uses the same ones!!!
tortex 1.14mm
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the yellow, green and orange ones

I've scanned all the ones I have atm


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I've been trying loads of different picks, and my favourites so far are the JD 2mm Big Stubbys, followed by the 3mm.
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For my Guitar: A Blue Dunlop 1mm pick, though i need to buy some 0.75.
Fo my bass: Jim Dunlop X-H yellow picks (Roughly 1.5mm)
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