screamo/post-hardcore music?

I'm talking like modern hard rock/screamo.

Bands like Enter Shikari, Gallows, The Blackout, Flood of Red.
Probably. I can't be sure enough to tell you what they are though. I'm pretty sure that it will be no different to the usual minors that pop up everywhere else.

What I can suggest, is that you work on phrasing more than anything. Knowing the type of scale won't allow you to instantly be able to play in that genre. Scales are not genre specific. Scales are way more diverse than that. So give them a bit more credit.
alright cheers what is phasing then? got any links with a good lesson?
phrasing is how you play the notes, where you play them, at which times etc..... its basically how you go about putting expression into your playing. learn how to express and phrase your playing according to the genre you want to play in, dont just memorize scales.
sounds really useful, thanks for that. going to google some lessons now
so how is heavier music like screamo meant to be phrased? i can only find blues lessons.