Any one know about or like the randall RX75? thinking of buying one, would like to know if its any good.

i'd like to know too...

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I own the RX120D half stack, and it does a surprisingly good job. The cleans are a little too bass-y for my likings, but the distortion channel is pretty good for a rather cheap, solid state amplifier. I also used to play shows with a guy who used the RX75, and it was very similar to mine (or, as similar as a combo can be to a half stack).

I realize this doesn't really answer to your specific amp.... just thought I'd share anyways.
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Randall RX120D Halfstack
I have the Rx35 and love it. You will certainly be able to achieve Metallica and Black Sabbath sound with it. I am assuming that the 75 is the same as the 35 only louder. I have no regrets on purchasing mine, it actually has the sound that I had been looking for. I love Sabbath too and anything from Venom and I can get their sound. The clean channel is good, but the amp thrives when set on the distortion channel. It has great distortion when you crank the gain and then you can hit that little boost switch to kick it up even farther. I know the 35 came with the footswitch included and so I am assuming that the 75 does also, so that's cool. It has several different reverb effects, chourus, flanger, delay, reverb+chourus. I am playing an ESP AX-2E through it, with the stock pick ups in it and it sounds fantastic. I was thinking of replacing the pick ups, but now that I have the Randall, I don't think I need to.