HSS MIM strat is made in mexico, HSS highway one is made in america, is that right?
normally i'd get the highway one, but i read an article in an old guitar buyer magazine that said the highway one was fender's "entry-level MIA strat". wtf?
so which one is more worth the money? how are the guitars compared to each other?
oh yea, also, should i go HSS or all single coils? i'm just afraid that all single coils cant get as heavy as an iron maiden tone. and no, i'm gonna be going any heavier than that, i have another guitar.
i'm not gonna get this anytime soon yet, i was just wondering, since im rly rly gassing about a new strat right now...
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I haven't played them both to be able to compare them, but I would think the MiM Strat would be better since it's not purposely made to be an 'entry-level' guitar.
Umm yes it is. The Highway One's are nicer to play, and are made with better components and stuff, but are still not yet as sophisticated as the official MIA strats.
Look at the price tags, the highway one's are a few hundred bucks more.
I've been trying these out a lot recently. I've played a MiM Telecaster (Maple Neck) vs. Highway One Telecaster (Maple neck, Greasebucket circuit, 52 style bridge). I played them both through a Fender Champion 600, and I could right away tell the difference. The Highway one is worlds better, in the neck, and sound. The pickups are very nice on the H1, but could still do well with a swap.

I haven't tried the Highway 1 Stratocaster as I couldn't find one with a maple neck...but in the products I tried I would go with a (used probably) Highway one.
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The biggest difference is probably the finish. If you want a finish that wears easily (making that beautiful relic-ed look) then get the highway one with the satin nitro finish. The MIM has a poly finish, I believe, so you're not going to see much wear there. It also depends on which one you pick. A really nice mexican can be alot better than a crappy Highway One. Also, don't limit yourself to just the mexican standards. There are quite a few mexican made guitars out there such as the Classic Players series that are better than the Highway Ones IMO.
Ye i went strat shopping couple of months ago, came down to this daphne blue H1 or an electron blue MIM. The H1 was vastly more expensive and it was just not as good as the MIM so i bought that. Moral of the story, u have to try them out, u will get MIMs that can outstrip the H1s, plud i think the massive headstock on the H1 is nasty.
I'd look at a used USA standard strat. I don't know how much they go for, but over here you can get one for the price of a new highway strat.
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you're in the UK, right? I assume you are if you read guitar buyer.

Edwards/Tokai (make sure it's Japanese)/Blade/Gordon Smith all give better bang for the buck than Fender in the UK, in my opinion.
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