I seem to be having a minor problem with my jackson SL1. While im playing it, it randomly cuts out halfway through a song, i ended up taking off the back plate and just moving some wires around and it seemed to start working again but it still randomly cuts out. Any ideas of what this could be? *edit* I check all the wires and solder points too and they seem go fine.
check ur lead(s)? im pretty sure thats the problem if its not the electronics. or if u have a ****ty ass amp like mine, then it might be that amp. try ur guitar with a new lead when u have the chance and see if it works
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try re-soldering all contact points as this will cure any 'dry' joints. also check your guitars jack plug for wear and looseness. and dont forget to invest in decent leads! good luck mate.
i dont think its my amp, its a jcm2000 tsl triple lead. but ill try the leads and re-solder all the contact points. Thanks guys ill let u know how it turns out.
I agree with checking the jack. I have had many guitars where the jack is loose or dirty and the connection is week. I would check your cord as well if it's shorted that can make the guitar itself seem like it's cutting out. Having to resoldering the wiring might be your problem but check the easy stuff first.

Have you checked your cable? I would also check the jack as suggested. How old is it? Jackson USAs of the past several years have had some bad QC issues with their wiring (among other things).