i remember not to long ago Phil anselmo of pantera and down expressing his hate towards the metal media, saying that it was responsible for the split up of pantera and possibly dimebags murder. All this can be found on youtube or somewhere else on the net.

But why is it all of a sudden that most of the metal magazines this month that i have seen have phil and down on the front cover, and why do they have long interviews with them and in depth articles?

has phil forgotten everything that he once said?? or has he just sold out.

secondly. i was in JB the otherday and was checking out the latest down album. i was horrified to see they had changed from a respectable metal label to a mainstream label.....but not any mainstream label, but ROADRUNNER! now i thought that phil was against all that, against selling out to make money, i thought he stood for the music and nothing but the music.

The sadest cut of all is that at almost every single pantera concert, or even some lyrics phil states how much he hates trends, how much he hates sellouts and how much he hates people that will so for either more money or more popularity. Phil has gone ahead and done that, even if it wasn't for the money, it would be for the popularity. Phil joined the most "trendy" metal label around and by doing that he killed the last part of pantera still alive after the death of dimebag. Anselmo also leaves him self and his band open for people to jump onto and start listening to simply because it may be trendy, he has done this by the magazines and roadrunner.

Phil anselmo MAJORLY contradicted himself by doing these things, pantera is truely dead as the great great front man it once had has lost his spirit.

Phil anselmo has sold out.

please discuss and feel free to disagree and rip this apart if you wish
i got deja vu when i read this.

seriously, i could've sworn this same post happened when i was in this class a few months ago
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
If it was really just about the music for you too, then you wouldn't care at all about why Anselmo is doing any of this, it'd be just about the music.
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Dude, he's a goddamn junkie; a crackhead. Back then he had no idea what he was doing or saying, you can watch any interview and you'll see how fucked up he is.

Secondly, so effin' what? What's wrong with Roadrunner; is every band on that label a sell out? And it's still so damn trivial I'd have to try real hard to care any less.

And interviews? Give me a break; everyone gives friggin' interviews.
I think his point is just that he's a hypocrite, and not that it makes a terrible difference.
Phil was doing interviews with magazines during Pantera's glory years dude, so don't try to make it sound like Phil is all of a sudden "selling out". Maybe you should take a look at his blogs on the Down website to help understand what has been going on in his life these past few years before you take a juvenile shot at him. All he's doing is giving his fans a little insight into that, is that some kind of crime? As for the record label deal, who gives a flying **** what label he or his band is on? Its all about the music man, so quit being a little fanboy and deal with it.

Phil is more metal than you'll ever be
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who cares....
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Who cares? No one.

You're an idiot. I'm so fucking sick of hearing about you morons thinking someone or some band has sold out.

So what? So what if maybe they aren't making money and went more mainstream for that reason? Phil had a good run in Pantera and he's had his own problems, dude.

It's not like you wouldn't do the same thing in their situation. Take life with a fucking grain of salt, bands don't exist to stay underground so you can retain that you're part of some elite clique.

Get a clue you idiot. Far out.
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