I tried posting this in the review section earlier but it wasn't having any of it so thought I would post it here. Lahayna are a really cool London based Funk/Rock/Pop band that I think a lot of people on here would really like. You can hear them at www.myspace.com/lahayna

Lahayna- In the City
The 3 track ep

Bands Sound
I came across this London based band at a gig in the summer and was so struck by their soulful yet still rocky sound that I bought their EP off of Itunes.
Definite comparisons can be drawn to the more melodic Chilis sound especially from the the atmospheric opening to In the City and the funky riff of "Move On" which is really a funk/pop track with a lot of 70s influences. The guitarist definitley has a knack for creating catchy hooks and you won't be able to get the In the City riff out of your head for weeks and then crashes into the obligatory anthemic chorus. Although singer J has a more soulful tone to his voice than Kiedis lending the band a sound which is more radio friendly in the Maroon 5 sense of funk/pop.
I've knocked a mark off as I do feel that they have lost some of the raw edge of their live sound in favour of slicker production when at points I wanted the music to have more balls.

Living In a city myself I can really relate to the love/hate relationship with living in an overcrowded enviroment yet when push comes to shove it's still your home and you wouldn't trade it for anything else. Although it has been said before by many bands, it really fits well with the feel of the song.
On "Fire" the laid back vocal feel of the verse is in stark contrast to the almost dancey disco feel of the chorus, a style which is used similarly in the track "Move On". The lyrics are quite heart-wrenching about a relationship which has lost it's passion and although you love that person something has to give.
The lyricist in the band must have been going through a break up as this is the message in the track Move On, something which everyone who has come to the end of a relationship can relate to.
There's nothing particularly poetic about these lyrics but the subjects are all ones that I can relate to and definitely took me back to certain events in my life.
The singer also has a very emotive voice that works well with the subject matter.

Definite comparions can be drawn to the Chili Peppers and if you are a fanm of their newer material you should definitely check these guys out. The musicianship is obviously excellent although I found the track Fire a bit generic apart from the nice breakdown bit which has an excellent energetic drum part.
I would like to see them take more risks in future and go for a bit of an edgier sound production as they definitely have the potential to really exploit their Motown and classic rock influnces if they are bold enough.
Overall though for Rock/Funk/Pop of this nature you can't ask for much more