The remarkable Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 122 Combo Amp uses 2 different 12" speakers: a Marshall Celestion Vintage and a Heritage for enhanced sonic capabilities. Incorporates 4 ECC83 preamps and 4 EL34 power tubes. You get 3-channel tonal flexibility with Tone Shift switches on the Crunch and Lead channels and a Mid Boost switch on the Clean channel. It's also equipped with 2 parallel effects loops, dual reverb controls, 2 Deep switches, plus a VPR (Virtual Power Reduction) switch that emulates the sound and feel of a fully saturated 25W amp. 2 additional features are Marshall's acclaimed Speaker Emulation and a Power Amp Mute button for silent recording.

Asking $1200 but looking for a hollowbody jazz guitar or something with soapbars. Also other amps if you got something cool. Vintage style stuff is great!! Email me at Austin_Taunt@hotmail.com

This amp is used and comes with a few scratches and stuff that goes along with a gigged amp. Tubes changed last year...still plenty of life!!

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So...who wants a bad ass amp?? It has a SKB flight case that I can throw in for a little extra!!