Hey guys, just a quick question to see if this setup would be viable for recording from acoustic guitar and vocals. I'm looking into buying the following items and the setup will be:

Beyerdynamic tg-x58 microphone
line6 toneport ux1
sony vaio laptop

It will be setup in that order. My main concern is whether or not a laptop can handle this sort of thing. I know that most people use desktop pc's and macs, but i only have the laptop to use. Is this setup possible in successfully recording my own music??

Cheers for all replies in advance!!
laptops and definatly that laptop are capable of recording yes especially if you buy something thats a usb connection. What I would give to buy any of the things you just quoted...*sighs*
if the usb port is 2.0 youll be fine

check line6 or musicians friend for the min. running specks for the UX1

I highly suggest a shure SM57 mic and a pop filter in place of the mic you're looking at.

the 57 will work much better for guitar.
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