This is a decently long three part piece I've been writing for the past few days. Some parts may be repetitive, but its very lyricaly driven for the most part so I made it as...progressive as I thought was possible without taking away the raw emotion in the (planned) vocals. I'm too fond of part 3 either right now, Maybe that'll change. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Also, the lyrics are in the score info, so I'd be quite happy if you took a look at those as well. I havn't written part 3 yet, so keep that in mind.

This song is dedicated to any and every person who's fallen victim or have a loved one who has, to a school shooting.
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i liked it. the only problem is that its repetitive, but the vocals should fix that.

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Very nice. But as the previous guy said, it is to repetitive, especialy part2.
Dont realy think you caught the right emotion for all the parts. i think part3 fits the most though. It was very nice. making me feal sad first and then a little happier, like moving on.
But the murder part is like exciting and happy, not exactly what i refere with murder.
And then the suicide part came which is more brootal. Thats more fiting for the murder theme if you ask me.

Anyways. i liked all the stuff. very good, but just not mood fitting IMO.

Thank you for the wonderful crit, I'll be sure to return the favor ASAP.

I would like to point out, however, that I may have named them incorrectly. The way it plays it is, part one is about...well, specificly, in the 'story', a guy who's had a rocky relationship with his girl, never wanting the good times to end, and then in the end of it, he gets shot. Suicide dives into the mind of the gunman who commits suicide nearly immediatly after the act, and Acceptance is the victim recovering, but realising nothing is going to be the same and he can't hope to hold on to it forever. I'll think about adressing the issues regardless, though. Thanks again.