Ibanez SZ Set-In neck.

3pc. Mahogany Neck Material.

Mahogany/ Flamed Maple top Body.

22 Medium frets.

Bound Rosewood Finger Board.

Gibraltar III bridge.

Ibanez SZ1 Humbucker Neck Pickup.

Ibanez SZ2 Humbucker Bridge Pickup.

SZ Special Inlay.

Hardware Colour. Ni

Colour: Transparent Grey.

Does anyone what finish this guitar has on its neck? I like the fender style necks which arent glossy.

But if you keep it clean, it should be really nice and smooth.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
ahh I guess i'd have to try it to be certain. i was also looking at the fender jaguar 62 reissue.

what are the stock pickups like on the sz720fm? is it a nice guitar in general?

i play stuff from alt rock and even indie to screamo/post-hardcore and metal.