I was talking to my mate earlier, and he said that you can use computer software to add effects to your guitar. He gave me the website, which is: guitarfx.net (i'm not telling anyone to visit it as this may be against the rules of this forum!). I have a cable ended with two large jacks (a usual guitar-amp cable) and my mate said to get an adapter to convert one of the ends into a small jack that I can then put into the microphone socket of my computer.

WILL THIS WORK? I would like to know this before I go to buy the adapter and if it will not, could you tell me what I could to make this work.


it should work, I mean I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work...I've done it before, just go to radio shack and buy a 1/8" adaptor for your cable.
plug into a "line in" if you have it, instead of "mic in".
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Right ok, thx for the website Jonjy2, ill check it out. Only thing is I have a laptop, which does not have a 'line in'. Oh just re-read what DougC84 said, no I dont have a "line in", i only have a "mic in". i dno, ill try different things out and see if it works!

Thanks guys (Y) !