have just got a new roland cube 30x and a ibanez rgr321ex. And im wondering if it should be so much buzzing from it? Anyway to reduce it or something?
What kind of buzzing is it? Does it occur when you play, or is it always there? And how high up do you normally have the gain?
Hmm, from my experience Cubes are pretty silent. Could still be electronics hum, tho.
Or a huge amount of gain. Or a grounding issue with the guitar, maybe? My Yamaha has a problem like that. I'm too lazy to fix it right now, though.
Some users have reported buzzing with Cubes in Australia and some other countries (don't know where you are) which Roland says was due to power supply peculiarities. If you don't get it resolved call or contact Roland.
when i have low on the volume knob on the guitar theres no buzzing at all but when i turn it up its pretty much. And its humbuckers on it. Could a better cable help or do i really need to contact roland?

And how do i fix a grounding problem if thats whats wrong? :p