Hey guys!

After some long thought, I've decided to leave my band, and will be going into music as a solo artist for a little while....I'll be recording my tracks all by myself, really letting me get all my musical ideas out the way I want them. The bands been really holding me back, and I hope this will really help me grow more as a musician.

I am recording with a Presonus Firebox into my Macbook. I currently own a Shure SM57, a Sennheisser e609, and a Shure Beta SM58. I also have a Mackie mixer, but believe I will be selling it, as I don't see any need for it in the multi-tracking I will be doing....anyone think otherwise?

Quick question about the firebox before I go on: I plan to be running a condensor and dynamic mic off the firebox at the same time....only the consdensor needs phantom power, but the firebox only has one general switch for it....will it be safe to run the two mics with phantom power on? Or am I in risk of damaging the dynamic mic?

Back to recording!

Electric guitar is ofcourse taken care of

I will be doing drums with my Roland TD-3 Electric Kit.

Now, bass. I think I will be doing it direct, running it into the presonus and using my macbook's patches. I have done it this way before, and it sounds pretty good to my ears. I do need a bass though. 5 string is a must. What would you guys recommend? I'm trying to squeeze my budget as much as possible, and plan to find a used bass at my local GC, but let's see what else there is to consider!

I'd also like to get a condensor mic. Before, I have used my drummers $60 Audio Technica condensor, and it worked suprisingly well, but I believe I can do better. I'd like to use the mic for vocals, acoustic, and possibly as a second mic on my guitar cab. There are many other audio technicas out there, ranging from $150 to $300. Any of these worth my time? Again, the less I spend the better, and I realize my quality can only be so good with my setup, so I don't feel the need to lay out too much on the mic. There is also ofcourse the Shure KSM27.

Finally, I'm in the market for a better acoustic guitar. At the moment, I have an Ibanez PF-15 dreadnought, and it just doesn't do it for me. Not a bad guitar, but not enough twang to it....doesn't sound too much like an acoustic to be honest. My singer recently got a seagull....very basic guitar that he paid $300 for, and I LOVE it! So resonant and really has a vibe to it that I've been missing in mine. Would you guys recommend this guitar? Anything else I should look into?

Any other general recommendations are welcome.

Thanks alot for reading and all your help!
For your acoustic ailments, I played an old Ovation Legend a while back, and it pretty much made me happy in the pants... but that's over a grand . Check out the cheaper Ovations, and if you don't like them, go with the Seagull.

Sorry I can't help on any of the other stuff
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The phantom power won't damage the dynamic mic at all as long as you're cables aren't worn or broken in anyway. I can't help you with basses but for acoustics, you mentioned seagull and i about jumped outta my seat. I love them! Everyone i talk to has never heard of them and even they're low end models are very nice guitars, way worth the money. As for condenser mics, ive recorded with AKG and audio technica and I couldn't tell anough difference to like either one a whole lot better, but the AKG felt sturdier and the shock mount it was on was also AKG and it was a real nice one, once again very solid and durable. I'd go with AKG.

Question: What dyanmic mic are you using that needs phantom power?
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Yeah, you can run them together and it won't damage the dynamic mic.
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If i might ask, why is 5 stringed-bass a must? Most bands have used 4 to great success.

But seriously, look on craigslist for the stupid people .

If that acoustic is $300 and you love it, why not go for one?
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Yeah a condenser + dynamic route is the way to go! It wont hurt anything. It takes some experimenting, but what I do is put my 57 up against the grill of my Mesa cab and put the condenser a few feet back from it. That way, if you have the right room for it, you get the direct sound of the speaker, plus the added ambiance of the room which makes the sound way thicker and whatnot.

If youre going to use the bass just for home recording or whatever, Id just go out and buy the least expensive one I could find. Playability isnt a huge issue I dont think in this case. Just, anything that sounds decent and is in your price range would work Im sure. Besides, with all the modeling stuff out now you can make any bass sound like a Fender P-Bass through an old Ampeg tube head and 8x10 cab! lol
As for condenser mics, I own the original version of this:
This is a re-issue anniversary model but it sounds exactly like mine. This mic is hands down the best studio mic youll find in its class/price range. It rivals that of some of the several thousand dollar mics Ive used/heard.
as said, the dynamic mic will be fine, i run my condenser and dynamic mics for drums using phantom powered inputs and have had no problems.

i use this condenser for overhead drums, vocals, and acoustic guitar... it's not too great for amp mic'ing if your room is really resonant (ie. a garage)

but my friend uses this nady condenser mic. i like it a lot better for mic'ing up an amp. for some reason it doesn't make my recordings sound amateur, but more like the speakers are going straight into the amp. just checked it on MF for the first time and it's really really cheap.

for the acoustic, i know it sounds a bit iffy, but have you restrung it? i didn't really care for the sound of my newer ovation but after taking off the stock strings and putting on a set of elixirs, my shallow bowl sounds deeper and richer.

good luck with your recordings, for the most part you can only improve
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