hey all

when i tip my crybaby to the heel (the bassiest end), i lose a lot of volume and output. is there anything i can do to modify it to maintain it, a new pot for instance, or resistor or something?

also, whats the difference between 'true' and the other kind of bypass? when i say difference, im talking in a purely audial context.

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I don't really know too much about wah's but it's either the on/off switch or you need a new pot
true bypass pedals dont alter tone when the pedal is not in use. Some pedals which are not 'true bypass' will affect the tone of the amp more than others.
most likely your pot is aging and it needs replacing.

true bypass sends the signal directly past the effect, from jack to jack, while buffered bypass or w/e else is when it goes through the effect board still. True bypass is usually better if you want to keep your tone constant but you might lose signal quality through many true bypassed effects. Buffered bypass sends the signal usually through a JFET buffer and will amplify the signal so you dont get that loss, but you also (depends) get a change in sound.
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^ That's correct, but you've got to remember hidden option C, which is crappy bypass, the sort used in Dunlop and Vox wahs, MXR effects, Marshall effects, and pretty much anything that uses a mechanical switch and isn't advertised as true bypass. Crappy bypass only switches the output of the effect, not the input and output as TB does. This means that even when the effect is off, your signal can get loaded by the input impedance of the effect, giving you tone and signal loss. Bad news. It's also known as output switching bypass and half-bypass. And it sucks, because you can still get the signal loss associated with many TB pedals. Add that to the loss from each individual pedal's input impedance, and ! Very bad tone in a hurry.
Well, Satch uses a combo of TB and buffered pedals. Me, personally, I'd use all TB pedals and maybe, if my chain got long enough, I'd use a very transparent buffer somewhere along the line.