Was hopping I could get some suggestions on guitars to look for. I have a pretty specific list of requirements for guitars I would like to try.

First the guitar needs to have a 24 fret neck. I would also like the guitar to be thru neck (no bolt ons). A fairly thin neck is also a must.

I would like for the guitar to come stock with active pickups (no specific brand in mind here). I don't care one way or another about the bridge, I'm ok with fixed or a floyd rose (Original preferred over licensed, but I have played some well made licensed so I'm not ruling them out).

I am also leaning towards a guitar with a different shape such as a V, since i already have guitars with Les Paul style bodies and Fender style bodies. This however is the least important requirement, as any shape will do as long as it allows for easy access to the upper frets.

Feel free to recommend a guitar in any price range as Ill be trying out what you suggest to see if its worth it.

So far I have extensively tested:

Dean Razorback V 255 Electric Guitar- did not care for this one, had a nice set of EMG pups 81/85. The Floyd was licensed and felt cheap and came out of tune quickly, not one of the better licensed. Overall the guitar felt a little poorly made compared to the cost, and I cant help but feel dean is charging for the dime bag Darrell name. The shape and color of this guitar was pretty wild though (in a good way).

ESP standard viper:
Another emg loaded guitar. This one was really nice i loved the neck on it and it felt well made and sounded great with loads of sustain. More esp recommendations to try would be great.

Jackson SLSMG Soloist Electric: another great guitar no complaints, really felt like it was well made for the money sounded very similar to the esp.

Ibanez RGT6EXFX: overall this one felt very similar to the aforementioned jackson. This one cost less than the jackson though while maintaining similar specs and similar quality I liked this one a lot as well.

As you can see most that i have tried have no tremlo save the dean which i really didn't like overall. Anyway please give me some more ideas for guitars to try!
I just bought an ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe...its sick. I love it. It is my pride and joy.

I highly recommend anything off of the LTD 1000 line, I've never played the lower end models but I can't see them as being of bad quality.
if your looking for a specific sound...say metal or punk...i'd get and Ibz. they also, as you know have some wicked guitar designs too. but can't really name a specific one off the top of my head
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