ok heres the thing i wanting a new amp and my mum found out that a distint relative.. well relative of my grandads has a load of amps.. probably about 20 years old and hes willing to sell them. I haven't seen the amps before or know anything about them, but i am wanting to know is, are old amps any good? or are they rubbish compared to new amps?

thnx guys
People pay a lot of money for older amps. If you can find out what make and model they are, then come here, we can advise you on them. Only thing I have to say is look out for valve amps because they'll sound better than old SS amps.
depends what kind of amps...
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they are most likely tube so they should be acceptable, but who knows, go try them out. you could find yourself a very wealthy man
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old valve amps are generally good, but how much they're worth depends on the brand and type.
i wouldn't buy a 20 year old SS though.
inform on which amps he has and tell us, we'll tell ya what the good amps and deals are
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i wouldn't buy a 20 year old SS though.

I would.

Roland Jazz Chorus. It'd be cheaper used than it would new, and I have a soft spot for them
Most people would tell you that an old vintage tube amp is much better then the current make of the same model. So yeah, old amps can be very good. I dont think the technology of tube amps has changed much either, except now maybe they're built more by robots.
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I agree make and model are important factors, but if they are tube amps and over 20 yrs old they are probably hand wired, any old tube amp is worth money. solid state would depend on the make and model, bb king used lab series and I agree the Roland Jazz Chorus is a great amp. 90 percent of tube amp malfunction will be tube related, usually replacing tubes will fix most problems.
Good luck on your treasure hunt!