I have a guitar that i'm fixing up, and it has a tremelo....i'm not sure of the make. It's missing an arm and a spring in the back. I want to get it working but i'm not sure of any other components I need, as i've never messed with one before. I figured I could just get a replacement arm, but i'm not sure how it fastens in the hole. Sorry for the noob question, but any help would be appreciated.
you could just simply get a new arm and screw it into the motherf***ing hole! it'll stay put and then all you need to do it use it...is it really that hard?
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If the arm just screws in, then that's simple enough. I just don't know exactly how it's setup. Thanks!
first of all what kind of tremolo?
@halfmastmutiny, stop being a prick.

Anyway, you should be able to find a replacement arm online if you know what type of tremolo it is.
For the spring, its just a matter of attaching it to the claw and putting the other end into the trem block
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I'm not sure what kind actually. The guitar was built from parts.....

It's a typical hardtail looking bridge, hole on the bottom for the arm, with the norm looking backplate to cover the cavity. I guess a strat style. Thanks DagMX for not being a douche Just didn't want to get the arm and find that I needed other parts.
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first of all what kind of tremolo?
@halfmastmutiny, stop being a prick.

sry i can't help myself sometimes...its what i do.
but if you honestly cant figure this out it might be easier to go to your local music store and ask. it couldn't hurt.
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