When I first listened to the original Beatles version of Helter Skelter, I loved the sound the bass was making. I found out that It was Paul McCartney's Rickenbacker plugged into a tubular amp with the volume pretty high, in other words, a slightly overdriven bass. I play a fretless Fender J-Bass and I've been able to get a very similar sound using computer software that does artificial overdrive so it's been great for recordings but when it comes to live performance, I don't know what to do. Long story short, does anyone know of a good bass overdrive pedal under $100 that gets a sound similar to the bass in Helter Skelter?
Depends where I perform, I don't have my own amp because everywhere I go there's one I can use. The most common would be a 100W Kustom Bass Amp or a 150W Roland Amp (sorry I don't have the model #.)