Does it matter how many preamps you have per poweramp as long as you dont exceed the wattage of the power amp?

For example, lets say I had a behringer v-amp and peavey classic 30. The Behringer technically is a preamp right? And since the classic 30 is a combo, it already has a preamp and a poweramp. So could I use the v-amp through the classic 30 and have both preamps running? Or have I got it all wrong and I'm just really confused?

Also, am I right in saying that almost anything you can plug your guitar into could be considered a preamp? Like you can just go through a stompbox directly to a speaker(although it wont sound good) if you want, right?
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You couldn't go straight from stompbox to speaker because there isn't enough power. A power amp amplifies (kinda obvious) the signal from the guitar, making it audible.

And plugging a V-Amp into a Classic 30 wouldn't do any harm.