Ive been wanting to start gigging in small bars and resteraunts, which means having an acoustic pickup will make it that much easier. I currently have a Yamaha SCF08. I know its not the greatest, but ive only been playing for just over a year and theres no rush to buy a new guitar.

So, which acoustic pickup would be best? Im looking to spend $200, or less, the pickup must require no drilling, and i preffer no battery. Im looking for an acoustic pickup that i can put on a new acoustic when the time comes to upgrade.
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no, like this:


the one you listed requires drilling. that fishman natural pickup is an undersaddle piezo pickup, not a magnetic soundhole pickup. the link i posted above is that neo-d fishman soundhole pickup that the other guy was talking about. i haven't ever used it so i can't really comment on it, but i can say that the combination roamingbard13 suggested is an excellent choice. mainly i just really think adding that lr baggs gigpro will make a huge difference. these magnetic soundhole pickups typically won't produce a very strong signal and are extremely susceptible to feedback. you're going to need to something like that gigpro or another di box if you want to gig with a soundhole pickup.
Thanks for recomending the preamp, i wasent quite aware that i would need one with a soundhole pickup.

So, fishman or the dean? would a guitar store by any chance have these to try out? i have a large doubt that a store would have either on display. and the dean requires no drilling, correct?
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^ Yeah. The one I had just had a 1/4" output attached on about 10 foot cord. Any reputable guitar shop should have some model of soundhole pickup, I bought mine at the local shop.

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Lets say i wanted to buy a pickup that did require some drilling, what would be a good choice? I have 2 acoustics and i wouldent mind drilling one of them for a pickup. Would i still need a preamp? Are there any that wouldent require a battery? Im not worried about the battery life, im more worried about it ratteling inside the guitar and mabe becoming loose. If i were to drill, i would want a pickup with an input jack.

Would a pickup like this Fishman suit my needs? (I belive it requires no battery)

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They might come with a preamp, which would be your battery situation. A preamp is a very good thing actually...the one I linked to boosts the signal and allows for you to shape your sound from your belt. This gives you SO much more control than just the pickup, and its very versatile since it is a hassle to shape your signal if you have to walk back to the PA or your amp.

Now, for pickups...I like the b-band AST soundboard transducer. It replicates the acoustic sound better than the under-the-saddle piezo pickups. It also only requires you to increase the size of the endpin hole.


Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
is it possible to somehow sattle the battery down or hold it from shaking inside the guitar?

I may just go with a soundhole pickup like this ( http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_dean_markley_pro_mag_grand_acoustic_pickup_bundle?full_sku=304003 )
so i can easely switch between my two guitars if needed. How much of a sound difference would be between a soundhole pickup and one of the other pickups?
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The battery DEFINITELY wouldn't move around. Its held by a clip on the the neck block. The soundhole pickup would preserve less of the acoustic sound then the other pickup would. Taylor and Martin use batteries in their acoustics...and they wouldn't if they would make superfluous sound.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
would this be a good choice?
(i think this requires no drilling?)

Im trying to get the best pickup to use with the Gigpro Preamp, but my budget is still low, im looking for the most bang for my buck. my main uses are going to be recording on my computer and giging.
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That requires drilling...the pickup is a thin metal strip that lies underneath the saddle...it essentially has a wire that you need to drill through the bridge for to connect with the endpin output jack and the preamp...maybe this will explain it better:


If you take a look at the AST pickup I sent you, it mounts underneath the bridge inside the guitar, so the only drilling that would be necessary would be to ream out the endpin hole to accomodate the output jack.

Also, none of these pickups could come close to replacing a decent condenser microphone for recording. I you wanted to split your money two places, I think that you would be better off buying something like this to record with: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MXL-990USB-USB-Powered-Condenser-Microphone?sku=271009

and a pickup like this, with no added preamp:


or this:


Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
I have the LR Baggs M1 Active.. it's awesome! It cost exactly $200 and goes into the sound hole.. there is a battery in there but it lasts a year and there is another battery in the box.. you wont have to buy a new one for 2 years. No drilling.. you can just unscrew it and take it out of the sound hole and move it to a new guitar when the time comes. The cord is inside the guitar instead of coming out the sound hole like some.
This pickup requires no drilling right? (except for the putput jack) To me it looks like it just replaces the stock saddle, am i right? It says "May be plugged directly into most guitar amps or PA. 100% shielded, super quiet." but i assume that it would still sound better with a preamp right?

I think im probably going to go with a soundhole pickup, for my needs i that thats the easiest way to switch between my 2 guitars if i need to. I think the Dean might be my best bet with the gigpro preamp.