Is there any company that has 15 gauge strings standard? all of the ones Ive looked at you need to custom order them
What tuning are you going down to?

I used 12's and they are far to big for anything higher than C standard.
What size is the lowest string?
like 89 or something stupid?

also what guitar do you wanna put them on?
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Maybe they were too big for you, but I personally use 12s tuned up to standard tuning. They are nothing to me. It all depends on hand strength. BUt to the TS... I have never seen a 15 gauge set.
i use 13 gauge on one of my guitars they can go pretty low. although they feel pretty wierd in standard tuning even to me and mostly play acoutic with 20's
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Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

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It dosn't always depend on hand strength, and can depend on scale length too. I think a strat with 12's would be harder to play than an LP with 12's.

A 15 gauge set would be nutty, and you're probably have to modify or replace some of your bridge saddles and your nut to accomidate the massive lower strings. I can't really think of a good reason to put 15's on a guitar, unless you're thinking "10's are good, 12's are better, 15's ROCK" in which case I'd say go for it, see what happens.

Some local shops have a big box/drawer/shelf with single strings, and they'll sell you one of any gague you want, so you can buy a custom set of strings. It's usually more expensive, though.
I play a Strat with my 12s... It really is nothing to me lol. I do agree about the 15s though... You better be playing that in C or lower lol.
Just buy a set of strings that go on a 7 string guitar and dont use the smallest one.
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you could always pull a SRV and try some 18s on a strat...
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Quote by TIMshady1stLP
Just buy a set of strings that go on a 7 string guitar and dont use the smallest one.

You still dont get 15s as far as I know...

I think the only way to do it is to go down to bass strings..or a hybrid 13 gauge bass gauge set
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