How many people here have had a paranormal experience with ghosts/aliens/etc?
Im just curious,
because I live in humble texas...
Home of the "overpass of the dead"
so its called.
One of the most haunted places in south east texas.
I went in the woods near it, around 2 AM...in june '07...
It was HOT outside..or well...humid as hell.
and as soon as we entered these woods...
The atmosphere was almost totally different...
The temperature dropped by almost 10 degrees.
We heard someone following us..and felt a presence...
no one was there..
anyways, it was ****ing wierd.
We even heard some whispers coming from behind an OLD tombstone...
i walked over, no one was there.
no one was anywhere.
at all.
it was intense.
(btw...theres an OLD OLD graveyard that was moved there...its called the overpass of the dead because they moved the cemetary into these woods to build the overpass and railroad..apparently, something didnt like the idea..)
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Edit - I made a ghost group/club btw, join it from my profile please!
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there's a thread bout these experiences, it's totally awesome.

Yup, linked to it above - one of the best threads here.
I want the video to come (if it exists) to get the thread back on track, plus it'd be good fun to watch.

I might be starting my own ghost train station excursions soon.. stay tuned!!