Yeah i just learned barre chords and i have problems switiching between a normal chord and a barre chord, it takes me like a couple seconds to get it to ring clearly, if i do it too fast my fingers arent in right position yet and it sounds bad
Hate to say this but practicing is the only way. Keep practicing and it will work.
well, the trick is to practice it very slowly, making sure each time all of your fingers land in the right place. Remember, and this applies to anything in guitar, the key is not learning it at the speed you want to play it at, it's in learning it slowly, but correctly.

It's all practice, honestly, everyone sucks at barre chords at first and many beginners give up because of them. Don't get discouraged mate!
well jimi hendrix did some of his barre chords with this thumb hook your thumb over the top string and get the rest with your other fingers
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