Ibanez tbx150h
If you have this amp or have tried it, or heard it, can you please give me a review about it; what do you think about it? good, bad? please try to be detailed about it if you can. I play metal from thrash to death, and i also play shred, blues etc, but i would mostly need it for metal, shred, and acoustic-related music, so i need good distortion but also good clean channel. I'm honestly not really looking for an amp to buy RIGHT NOW, but i'm just mostly doing research and i saw that ibanez amp on their website, so i thought i would try to get some reviews. However, i do consider a budget to be kind of low because by the time i actually get an amp, i don't plan to spend too much on it, so it would be somewhere between 200 to 500 dollars tops for a head or combo and as for a cab, i don't know yet so let me know what you think. And also if you have any other amps to suggest, don't hesitate. Thank you!
It's meh. It'd be okay if you got the tiny combo as a practice amp, but that's about it. It's not really much better than any of the other poor solid state amps. Clean channel is acceptable, but the distortion isn't so good. If you got the combo, it'd probably just about cut if for gigs, but wouldn't sound good, and if you got the halfstack I'd just call you silly

Since you mostly play metal, I suggest you look into a used Peavey 5150 combo