Ever since i started playing guitar ive only really used EP and AP seems strange to me. ive been checking out a lot of dvds and stuff and the question came to mind of whether i am missing out on something by not practicing AP. EP seems to be the way for speed but maybe it is harder to get the desired accuracy using EP. can someone explain the different times i should use AP over EP or vice-versa or if there even is a time where one is better than the other? im confused... grrrrrr.
economy picking is only used during odd number patterns... the rest is altenate picking
sweep picking..... it's the **** when you can pull it off right and helps doing insanely complex and brutal solos... otherwise do a mixture of all three since alternate picking is good when you're doing stuff in only a couple of adjacent strings at a time, while sweep picking is good for arpeggios and the like and economy picking is basically the stage in between alternate and sweep picking when you're doing a lot of strings in the same lick but you're not really arpeggiating stuff, only playing complex scales and stuff like that
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economy picking is only used during odd number patterns... the rest is altenate picking

Well depending on the genre of music it is used to accent certain notes.

Actually, I can't economy pick for ****. I alternate pick WAY better, and I can sweep too.
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well... i understand the odd number patterns aspect of it but that helps me ask a better question... an example...

ok AP here... on one string nothing special, linear pattern.

d u d u

same thing moving to a different string

d u d u

but here is where i dont get it...

u d u d

if i have something like this that i run into every once in a while, why do i go from a downstroke to an upstroke on the string just below it? with EP i play another downstroke like...

u d d u

this would make it faster to play right? right... but why do i see instructional exercises with odd AP when EP is clearly the way to go in that case?

the only conclusion i can draw is maybe an exercise in string skipping but why mix stuff up? in any case i just need some clarification... or maybe just a slap accross the face and someone to say duuuuuuuuh!l