Hey, just wondering what songs you guys'd recommend for someone looking to learn their first power metal song. I'm talking bands such as Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Rhapsody of Fire, Nightwish, Hammerfall, etc.
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the 2nd part of The Bards Song by Blind Guardian.

Not the acoustic bit, the metal-y bit after.
A simple song is "last drop falls" by sonata arctica on silence album. It is mostly clean guitar arpeggios on common chords, but yet is a beautiful song to listen to and to play along.. more hints coming!
Hammerfall - Templars of steel, the solo can be tricky but other than that it is pretty easy. Most of nightwish stuff is pretty simple as far as I know, for example Wish I had an angel and nemo. Stratovarius - Hunting high and low is pretty simple.
Hammerfall- Renegade.

Cool intro is cool.
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id also like to kno. Could someone recommend HEAVIER sonata arctica songs like hawk and raven? thanks


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How about the song "power metal" by pantera? Just fukkin 'round... I don't reallly listen to much of that
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go out and pick up the Dark Saga album by Iced earth. its all there. pretty sweet and alot of things that make power metal what it is.
If this is the first power metal song you are learning, then "Amaranth" by Nightwish. It is probably the easiest good one you will ever find. The only two difficult aspects of it are you need the ability to accurately play syncopated lines and the ability to cleanly do mutes, but you need both of those skills for a lot of power metal anyways. In general, Nightwish songs are pretty easy because it isn't a very guitar focused band from a composition standpoint, more keyboard and vocals than anything else.

The only thing is with Nightwish, play their songs tuned down 1 step (their later stuff, their older stuff is standard, I can't think of any exceptions, but their might be somewhere along the line), like Emppu does, don't use Drop D, it might not be immediately obvious, but it actually makes their songs easier to play in the long run by using a slack tuning rather than a dropped tuning.

After Nightwish, I would probably say Blind Guardian is the next easiest. From a technical standpoint, their guitar work is nothing special (for a power metal band anyways, being mediocre in a genre dominated by virtuosos still requires a pretty high degree of skill), but they are so good at writing their guitar lines that you tend not to realize it.

Power metal is, in general, pretty difficult to play, and the genre is pretty dominated by virtuosic guitarists. In general, the comparatively easy songs are going to be ones that are not very guitar oriented in the first place (like almost all of Nightwish's stuff). It is kind of hard to recommend things to start learning to play in this genre though, the easiest thing I can think of still is heavily syncopated and requires very precise muting, after all, skills which guitarists in some other genres don't even necessarily have or at least ever use.