iv been thinking of getting a new amp and was wondering about the marshall jcm800, is there much of a difference between the old 80s ones and the newer ones, or what about the kerry king head, is it just the same with a switch for more gain? or theres even the jubilee or the slash head, and not forgetting the likes of the dsl50 and vintage modern, unfortunatly theres no way of trying all these amps as id need to buy from ebay so i was wondering what would be the best out of these?
bands i like would be gnr, metalica, ac/dc and that type of stuff
i have a dsl401 just now but it seems to be lacking something
probably the slash head since you wanna play gn'r stuff, but i have the vintage modern and i get great gn'r tones with it and its probably easier to find too
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Does it have to be a Marshall?

Amps to look into:

Marshall JVM
Laney GH50L
Laney VH100R
Marshall JCM800
Schecter C1 Classic Left Handed
Line 6 POD HD500
Peavey Valveking 112
I hate being the one to say this but if you can't find a good JCM800, you might want to try an Orange Rocker 30. I doubt that'd get up to doing Metallica, but if you're gonna get a JCM800, you might as well try a rocker.