Okay, So I was looking for new music today, well, because I was BORED I was looking for new music =P

Anyways. Stumbled across what I found to be a uniquely odd but lovely little band, "We Are The Fury" - Appeals to me for some reason even though they arn't really my usual pick..

BUT - What really threw me was the bassline to"Nation, Forgive Us!" - But there's no tab for it ANYWHERE! RAWWR!

If y'all know anyone who knows it and can tab it - maybe they could post it? Please? Never tabbed a song before, and I wouldn't know where to begin, I wouldn't even be able to tell what key it was in!

Please!! kkthxbye

I mean, Cheers fellas and lasses.
This should be posted in ye Tabbing Forum! Arghh, walk ye plank now dog!

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I posted here 'cause everytime I request a bassab in Tab Talk everyone *Sob* ignores me.

Avast. (While in the topic of pirate talk..?)