wasnt sure where this shouldve gone so i decided on the Pit.

this summer i went to Power Chord Academy music camp. for anyone who doesnt know, its a music camp where stranger are put into bands, write a song, record, and play shows. its a really cool concept that gives amateur musicians a pretty realistic look at the music industry. anyway, this is my band performing our song during the final concert for the parents. just thought it would be cool to get some opinions. this was my first time playing live in front of that many people (about 200-300). ive played smaller shows but this was pretty big for me. any input is welcomed. im playing the SG in the video, on lead guitar. our band was really very good, aside form our singer and other guitarist. our drummer was 10; hes a prodigy of sorts.

and yes im aware our singer sounds like a dying cat when he (tries to) sing.
and btw, if anyone is a Maps and Atlases fan, our bass player was the lead singer, Dave Davison. he was our counsler for the week. he helped in directing us during the writing process and is a really cool guy.
Don't bump threads like that, if people are interested they will find it.

And I guess the playing was alright, but what was the singer doing? That kind of attitude in front of parents? Totally the wrong style for the audience. Was cringeworthy.

But otherwise good
Well besides the fact the singer sounded odd, and ALl I could here was vocals, Keyboards, and drums.

and My god, the screaming?

that was icky.