I ve been looking into making my own univibe pedal, i was wondering if anyone here had a good idea for a schematic ( i found a couple but they didnt use an expression pedal)...also does anyone have a broken or really old wah/wah enclosure they re willing to let go fairly cheap.
how much experience do you have? attempting a univibe is crazy unless you know a **** load about electronics. just knowing how to solder isnt enough. i can find some if yo ustill want them
yah id still ike em i ve been searching through diystompboxes and such for one, i found an easyvibe which looks good and a "vibe baby" which fits in a cybaby pedal but it had no schematic just got shots. Im fairly competant (sp?) when it comes to electronics and if i have any troubles my father is an electrical engineer
why not use the pcb layouts? thats all you need to make a pedal.
http://www.montagar.com/~patj/univibe.gif i just found but it says right at the bottom that it doesnt work, it says the low frequency oscilator is wrong and then gives a way to change it around idk maybe i ll try using it