what makes neck sticky and what do i use to clean it? (something about gloss necks and satin or something)..... how do i hit really good pinch harmonics on the low E string? i have single coil passive pickups .. if i get some active humbuckers will they be a lot clearer and better or is it all technique and not pickups....what effect does raising and lowering your pickups have and is there a certain height they're supposed to be at?... last question- i can solo okay but i cant shred... if i keep playing just for fun (i practice all day) and keep practicing my scales will i eventually develop shred speed? or do i need to have a regimented specific guitar "workout" that i play everday to get that fast... thanks all
follow that and you'll get many many many many voman. You hit good harmonics by being good. Having alot of gain would help them be easier. YOu never raise your pickups. You can raise the actio(string height) which is were the strings begin on the body at the bridge and will lower/raise you string height and make the strings easier to fret if it is to high, or raise it if you are getting fret buzz. Speed comes from practice. And Economy Picking, which is explained in the PDF of Steve Vai's 30HR workout. Se if you can go 30 hrs at once.
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speed comes from your picking technique more than anything. A humbucker wont make it more 'clear' Make sure you dont scoop your mids, and keep your treble at a descent level, and it shouldnt be bad
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