I have a really good friend of mine who wants to give me his Jackson Warrior WRMG and is selling it to me for under £90

Its in perfect condition.

My problem:

This guitar is a metal guitar. I play a far more Jazzy type of sound.

I know its £350 rrp but should I really bother?

Although I could sell it for around £250 (I see ebayers are selling them around that price) Then put it towards a better guitar.

Or I could just sell it anyway for the cashmere.

What are your toughts?

Keep it? Sell it + Buy new? Sell it for cashmere?
Try it on a clean channel and see what you can get. Or maybe through a ****ty 2W amp you can get a sort of muddy jazz tone, if not then just sell it.
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Well everyone agrees I should at least buy it.

I love metal, I like practically all genres.

But as far as pleasing my ear, I stray into playing more The Mars Voltery stuff.

Heres a picture of it for who ever doesn't know what the Jackson Warrior is.Link

I guess I could screw the metal stereotype around it and play it for whatever I play.

Please keep on coming with those opinions.
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i get great cleans out of mine (i have the DKMG) and you can be unique and play a "metal shaped" guitar for a jazzy musician
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I once played a Jazz gig with an RR3, I'm sure its a half decent guitar. If you dont like it, as you said, you can always still make a few bucks off it.