i dunno which to buy for my birthday. the Zacky Vengeance custom or the Ultracure. ive played them both at a guitar center but i have no idea which one to bu. th ey both sound great. what do you guys think?
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Christ almighty, get a proper amp.

And why those two guitars - do you pay any attention to the specs or do you just choose on the basis of whose name is on it? The two you've mentioned are practically complete opposites tonally.
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If you want the Vengeance Custom, go for an S-1 instead. It's the same guitar, except you don't have all the signiture stuff on it. Also, if I recall correctly, it's cheaper. You're probably better off with the S-1, but that's just my opinion.

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i dont reccomend either. very few schecters are any good. but yeah, sell the amp and get a better one. that gibson is all you really need