(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but it seemed like this would be the spot)

Recently some friends and I, two of whom are in other bands including myself, decided to form a small side project funk/blues style band to mess around with and mainly to "mix things up" from our other projects, which are nothing even close. We sat done one to day for a few hours to jam and ended up recording a short jam to put on Myspace as a demo so other people could hear it.

Well anyway, I received a message today on that account with an offer from a company called Zoomoozik, who claim to be a digital record company. They offered lots of information, and it seems legit. I've never heard of them and I figured if anyone else has then they could give me some info. I just don't want to jump into anything and get screwed over. The website for Zoomoozik is http://zoomoozik.com/

oh and like i said earlier, let me know if this is in the wrong place and thanks for the help