Buy a bomb shelter, today its half price
This ones good, its clean and nice
Leave the poor out in the rain
Scalding, the acid brings yoiu pain

Nuclear winter arriving this fall
The missles will fly when the leaders call
Sunny days in Antartica
Flood the coasts, and drive your car

Countries fight like children at play
Go on and shoot each other, make my day
Radiation from bombs consume
Our minds, and lead us to our doom

War turns the land into flame
Waste the soldier and rape the dame
No bounderies when it comes to greed
They made the war, but you planted the seed
Last edited by slayer1516 at Oct 11, 2007,
I like the oxymorons in some of the lines, but I didn't understand "Waste the soldier and rape the danme."

What exactly is a danme?

Also, you seem to have too many messages in one song, I can't work out if this is a protest against war, or a protest against global warming