okay, this girl i know asked me if i would teach her guitar. so i did but i've tought her some chords.. Em pentatonic scales.. but i dont know what else i should teacher.. any ideas?
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id say some basic music theory like major and minor scales, CAGED sequence, some fingerpricking excersizes maybe(you could use nothing else matters or bourree), alternate picking.
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are you doing it in exchange for grammar lessons?

on a serious note, actual songs. tbh chords made no sense to me till i started playing songs with them in. once she starts getting that down, teach her note names and such like.
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Start to teach her an easy song or two, while at the same time, teaching some more chords and other scales. Pentatonic is nice...but there are tons of others.
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Well you gotta think. Is she serious about learning? Or is it just to get close to you. But just think back to what you were learning when you first started playing.
Basic theory. And also, get her started learning some songs. It's good for keeping up the motivation.