one of the comments on youtube that explains it:

Eh. It starts at the B natural below middle C, then creeps its way up by half steps to an octave above that - right before our minds want the sequence to continue.

When we replay it we're expecting a B natural an octave above the fundamental pitch of the B we get, but our brains disregard that information and just listen to the overtone of the B we do get - so it sounds like the sequence has kept going up.
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because they are superior to ours.

that's pretty cool
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ummm....anyone else got that hi-tone in your ear you get from listening really loud music?

...not sure I explained it clearly, but you probably know what i'm talking about..
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Played it 6 times.
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^ Yep, that sounds about right.
It worked for me on the first replay, but sounded like the first one when I tried to replay it again Can't get it to work again.
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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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I don't trust it. Why does it have to re-buffer each time I play it?
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hahaha i did it 8 times and decided i had to stop myself or i would never quit..

very cool...

id like to try and do it til i reach the end of my hearing spectrum...

im assuming it works the same if it were descending
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after about 10-15 times you can hear how the illusion works. its in the first two notes.

My ear figured it out on the third attempt. I feel kinda let down
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My ear figured it out on the third attempt. I feel kinda let down

Yeah, same here.
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I don't trust it. Why does it have to re-buffer each time I play it?

are you dial up?
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that is the sex
well, my ear picked it up pretty fast too, but, if you focus, you can block out the lower tones and concentrate on the higher tones.

i think i played it like 8 times
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I don't trust it. Why does it have to re-buffer each time I play it?

Just click "replay", or the play button, straight after it finishes.
It shouldn't rebuffer unless you're refreshing and have dodgy Cookies..... =/
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