Alright, I'm pretty sure what I did was stupid, so let's get that out of the way before I start.

I was restringing my guitar, which happens to have a floating tremolo for a bridge. However, while restringing, I suppose I didn't tighten the new strings enough while I was putting them on, (careful not to take all of the old ones off at the same time) so the tremolo dipped down. A lot. So I try pulling the bar up while I tune it again, to no avail. It just dips again afterwards. I can't tune it lower now, or else it dips even further.

Am I in trouble? Should I stop fiddlin' with it and take it to a store to get fixed up? I really can't stand the state my guitar's in right now (worthless). And keeping it in F# Standard doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Can anyone help?
I have the same problem, I don't even want to get it fixed, i just want to sell back the stupid thing
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I did the same thing with my guitar when i changed me strings from 11 gauge down to a 9 gauge string. I had to adjust the spring tension on the back for the guitar (turning the screws of cause) until i had it in tune & tremolo was sitting flush with the guitar body.
like said, open the back cavity, loosen the screws a little, remove a spring if necessary.

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