Ok, so. I just finished recording a new song. I'm pretty happy with it, but I'd like some other opinions.

So, eh.... tell me what you think? It's the first song on my myspace and it's called "Your Own Life"

Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
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Nice... i like it... the only thing i dont really like is it doesnt "pop" out at me... there's no real catchy part of the song or anything, i dont really know if thats the way to describe it or not.. but i give it a 4/5

thanks a lot. it's actually supposed to be the lead-in to another song I wrote about getting over the fact that you've been shat on by a girl. I wanted to keep it kinda laid back and simple so it would contrast with the other song... which isn't.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
Listening now..

Recording quality is decent. Singing is ok, not great but not too shabby. I like the harmonized parts. The chords are kind of boring and not overly creative, but again not horrible or anything, and there are some interesting changes. Haven't payed a whole lotta attention to lyrics but they seem pretty solid. Pretty good groovin chill song.

Overall, theres definately nothing wrong with the song, but nothing spectacular either. There are a few chord changes that were pretty interesting but idk. Not bad at all. Definately a solid song, and you have an ear for music and writing vocal melodies.

crit mine?