Alright, so I feel that I want to upgrade to tube to give my guitar an amp it deserves more. I was thinking about a V3, but mostly about a legacy.

From what I hear the Legacy's cleans are amazing and the distortion channel can be very smooth. People say the V3 is better, but in whats ways? Also, will they sound good for metal with the right pedal?

Also, stupid question, but there isn't really any tonal difference at all between a tube combo amp and a tube half stack that is the exact same model, right? I don't know why I'm asking, it just seems like I think the half stack looks cool but wouldn't be smart to get that when I don't have enough space and live closely to my neighbors.

Thanks guys
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You nailed the tone of the Legacy, its supposed to sound somewhat like a JCM800, only more smooth and dark, with better clean capabilities and 2 channels. The V3 is more aimed at high-gain metal players. It does have amazing cleans, but its distortion is not as smooth. Its comparable to a Mesa Dual Recto in terms of 'type' of distortion. Thick, full, huge, and stuff like that.
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"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
a head + a 112 or 212 should sound identical to the combo (depending which it is) using a 412 would give better bass response and it would seem louder but that's it. sound quality isn't going to very much unless the cabinet has better speakers
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I've had the V3 combo since early September and am really just beginning to appreciate how awesome this amp is. Great cleans, endless distorted tones from Marshall to Dual Rec...but not as processed sounding as the Boogies are. Never played the Legacy, but I know they're great as well.
V3 is Carvins first stab at the triple channel market and I think they nailed it. Onboard reverb would have been nice, but I never realized how much I DONT need it since I havent been using it.
Great distortion
Great FX loops
Nice features such as the Master Volume, Bright Mid cut and Deep controls.

It's a shame that most people cant play a Carvin amp before they buy it (unless you live in the San Diego area). Thet're incredible - even if they were at a higher price point.
I recently put Hellatone V30's in it and did the Parallel FX loop mod (ran a patch cable into the send and receive and turn the level to 10) and now the amps even better than when I started.
I also am using a Monte Allums modded Boss SD-1 for better harmonics on the dirty channels and slight OD on the clean channel. Now it's kinda like a four channel amp WITH an onboard clean boost.