who all here went to Ozzfest 2007? i did, it was freekin awesome. i got front row for all of the bands.
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Nile, Behemoth, Daath, Cthonic, was one of the best in years.
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i went to the one in devore cali, it was awsome, ****in fires in the middle of mosh pits, got mased though, that sucked
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me n my buddies got an ounce of reefer, piled 8 kids in a car, and drove to the next state. we got there just in time to see hatebreed on the 2nd stage. ozzfest was intense in HARTFORD CT MAN!
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im american but i think canada would win. they would probably lay low until everyone took each other out and then finish the last one standing off in one fell swoop. sneaky bastards.
went all the way across the country to texas for it

f*cking awesome, man. saw daath from the very front
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Tweeter Center, Mansfield Mass.. Kicked so much ass, I called my friends during the best songs and crowd surfed during 3 Inches of Blood. T'was a religious experience.
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I heard from everyone that went that I know that it was the worst concert ever.
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i got front row for all of the bands.

let me guess, it's because no one else was there?

seriously, i heard they had really bad turnouts.