I'm 14, and already got a band with people playing at my level. a Friend (drummer) suggested I get together with him, and this other kid who plays bass, and just jam sometime. Now I've been in a previous band before with this drummer who suggested we get together, and he is not that good. But, i don't want to have to write songs and record with them like i do with my other band. We are looking on playing simple covers. our bass player says he isn't very good, but enjoys playing 12 bar blues type stuff, and is a deadhead. Can anyone suggest some simple songs. I was thinking some CCR, like "Bad Moon Rising"
no, circles is an easier one...
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Crossroads - Cream Might not be easy, but if you pull it off it will sound fantastic. Did it with this local blues group for youths that is starting up in town Ofcourse this was with a grown up drummer that was awesome, a really good guitarist (also a grown up) and a good grown up vocalist. There were also 3 young guitarists (one of which is me) a bassist and a drummer Sounded great.