Hey guys, first post and I was just wondering the following:

Which do you think would be the better choice?

A $70-$80 distortion pedal


A $70-$80 amp.

I plan on recording to my computer and am looking for a death metal/ grindcore style sound, the two things I am currently debating is whether to get a Rocktron Metal Planet pedal (straight to PC no amp) or a Crate FlexWave 15w (straight to PC no pedal, just onboard effects).

My friend said that I shouldn't bother getting a distortion pedal and should just get an amp but I'd like a second opinion.

Im extremely limited in funds so these are my only choices, but i am open to any other suggestions for amps/pedals in the $80 or below range.

Thanks ahead of time
even if you're using a practice amp for recording, you're gonna need to spend more than $80 bucks to get one with a good clean channel that will last more than 2 years. and then you'd need some pedals for your tone, at the price you're looking at there's no way your amp's distortion channel will be good enough for recording.
You can get a pretty decent pedal for $80. But not an amp, or at least one worth even turning on.

Do you have all the other stuff you need to record onto you computer? You can just go straight in from a pedal...
its gunna sound really horrible plugging your amp or pedal directly to your computer, unless of course you already have some sort of recordng hardware or software

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yeah i have programs and stuff for it, i tried before without any pedals or what not and it came in pretty clear. Im using Sony Soundforge 9 for recording, so im gonna have to assume the amp is defenitly not the way to go then based on this.