I hate using Beatcraft to add drums to my music.

I was thinking If can use a controller to play drum sounds in real time and record them in Cubase, it would make life a lot easier?

How can I do this?
To do it your way... You need a MIDI pad device. M-Audio, Akai and Edirol make them. You could try using you PC keyboard but don't plan on real-time.

FruityLoops aka FL Studio
Drumkit From Hell Superior
FXPansion BFD Drums
Cakewalk Kinetic 2
Native Instruments Battery or Kontakt

I used to do that. Then I got tired of spending all my creative/writing time programming drums and getting little else done. What I do now is use a great sounding app that has beats already in it, arrange my music, then write percussion at will via MIDI editing which is just like step writing on your standard drum machine. Now I use either...
Toontrack EZDrummer
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How is doing it your way easier than using a Beatcraft?

I would think that using drum pad would be easier since you know how the drums would sound in your piece and all you would have to do is play along?